cover to Fantastic Four #1

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I was really excited to tackle this one.  This is the second in my “Historic Yarns” series, this time featuring the heroes who ushered in the Marvel age of comics.  Ironically, I probably have the least interest in the Fantastic Four when it comes to Marvel’s stable of characters. …


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My youngest nephew and I have a lot in common in that we both love Star Wars.  A lot.  Last summer when I visited him we spent most of the time watching YouTube videos learning about Darth Maul’s history and I also got to introduce him to the “Ewoks”…

Sam the Eagle

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Another Olympic-themed rug done!  I’m not very big into sports, but I’ve always loved the imagery, and I always really liked Sam’s design from when he first showed up back in ’84. Size:  20 x 27 Time to complete:  approx. 27 hours

Avengers logo

The Avengers logo is really cool-lookin’. That’s all the excuse I needed. Size: 24 x 24 Time to complete: approx. 29 hours via Avengers logo — The Happy Hooker