House Stark

The Happy Hooker

I was very fortunate that I discovered the first volume of “Game Of Thrones” mere months before I discovered HBO was set to make it into a series.  So unlike many of the hardcore fans, I didn’t have to wait years in between books, I was able to devour all of them pretty much at once.  It’s pretty ridiculous how amazing the series (book and TV) is with some of the best characters ever.  I immediately gravitated toward the Starks, not just because they’re the “good guys” (as much as anyone can be in GOT), but as a northerner myself, I think I identified with their grim practicality.  Plus they had giant wolves as pets.  Definitely a plus.  So what better way to celebrate the return of GOT and the reunion of the (remaining) Starks than with their banner.

Size:  20 x 27

Time to complete:  approx. 27 hours

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