cover to The Uncanny X-Men #211

The Happy Hooker

The next in my series celebrating the Marvel 25th Anniversary covers!  I can’t say with absolute certainty, but pretty sure this is the first issue of “The Uncanny X-Men” I ever read and it’s still one of my favorite covers to this day.  I was immediately blown away by how grim the story was.  This was in the middle of “The Mutant Massacre” storyline, and the team was beat to hell.  Nightcrawler could barely teleport.  Kitty was permanently phased.  Everything looked bleak.  And they all seemed like they were kinda used to it.  This is definitely the issue that made me fall in love with the crazy superhero drama that is the X-Men, and I’m pretty excited that this rug captured the spirit of that cover pretty damn well.

Size:  24 x 37

Time to complete:  approx. 41 hours

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