Rainbow Dash

The Happy Hooker

I’m not a brony (I don’t think), but I enjoy My Little Ponies.  I’ve seen my share of “Friendship is Magic” and I know a few of the denizens of Equestria.  And as a kid, I secretly enjoyed the original My Little Ponies as well, but living in the ’80s, boys played with Transformers and He-Man.  Which was just fine, too.  But I wouldn’t have minded some My Little Ponies action.  I remember I bought one for my best friend for her birthday and was definitely entranced when she took it out of the box and played with it.

Anyway. . .point is that Rainbow Dash is a cool-looking Pony and when I saw this design I thought it would make a cool rug and I was correct.

size: 20 x 16

time to complete: 14 hours

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