Mystery Science Theater 3000

The Happy Hooker

I’ve been watching “Mystery Science Theater 3000” in one form or another since I was in junior high.  Besides the quirky, sardonic humor that was right up my alley, there’s always been a sense of pride that MST3K originated in Minnesota.  I was a member of their fan club.  I went to one of their first live shows when they performed at St. Cloud State University and showed a sneak peek of the theatrical movie.  And I spent way too much money supporting their spectacularly successful Kickstarter campaign.

So yeah, I really enjoy the folks on the Satellite of Love and in Deep 13.  Especially TV’s Frank.  Point being, when I ran across this image, I knew it would make a great latch hook rug.

size: 24 x 33

time to complete: 35 hours

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